5 ways aerial can be used to sell your home

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Aerial Photography | 0 comments

Since the early 2000s, drones have been hitting our airways. Back in the early days, they seemed like just a fun toy to show you new angles or perspectives from the sky. But today they are a staple in any photographers bag of tools to get the right shot. Drones are becoming increasingly popular across different industries, and they are even creating a new genre of business as well!

In the Real Estate Industry, there are so many ways a drone can be used. For example: Real Estate agents love them because it can increase the views to a listing for a property (when used correctly).

Here are our top 5 most practical uses for drones in Real Estate.

1. Top-down property shot

The most common and best reason to use a drone on a shoot is to give you a birds eye (top down) view of the property and the sounding grounds. It helps to give you a sense of the scale of buildings and the layout of the land.

2. Boundary lines

This type of shot is not just another top-down shot it is a shot that can be taken from different angles. It will outline not only the  property, but you can also show some of the views – it is also great to use to outline different blocks of land on the same property.

This shot is best suited for large rural property.

3. Human interest

Selling the land and property with photos is great, but what really helps sell is the lifestyle that comes with the property. You can get creative with many different types of angels. The key is to sell the lifestyle and the spectacular land and surroundings.

4. Showing the land in comparison to other landmarks

Another great advantage with drones is that they are so small, so you can quick and easily deploy. Why not use the drone to show the land in comparison to other local areas. This case, we were showing how close the property was to the rest of the town centre – showing that you can have rural living without far to travel.

5. Showing perspective

In some cases, all you want to do is just show off what the property looks like from a unique angle. Real Estate Agents and owners alike are looking for that one shot that has not been ‘seen’ before to grab your attention. Aerial shots are a great way to help show a certain angle of the property.

A drone can help you to capture a perspective that your camera may not be able to get.

We hope this has given you some insight on when to use a drone in real estate to help you capture new angles.

[Fun fact] Traditionally they used to use helicopters and planes to capture the angles that a drone can now do!