Welcome to Patorama!

We are Patorama, proudly an Australian-owned and operated real estate marketing firm specialising in creating spectacular visual experiences for residential, commercial and rural properties in Canberra and surrounding regions.

Our Purpose

We exist to help our clients stand out from the crowd.

Our Mission

We aim to become industry leaders for creative, innovative and effective content that exceeds clients’ expectations. The success of our clients is the best measure of the quality of our work.

Our History
Through Pat and Clare’s love of all things digital, Patorama was born. Our name is a play on words involving our founder’s name and panoramic photography, one of our favourite forms of photography.

Our Values

Simplicity. We aim for simplicity in our processes and communications. The simplest way is often the most efficient and effective way.

Perseverance. We bring a ‘can-do’ attitude to every project. We address challenges and obstacles with the right information and a positive outlook. We strive to complete every project, using the most effective solutions, to achieve the best result, every time.

Accountability. We are passionate about doing right by our clients. Our reputation is built on our quality, our honesty and how easy it is for clients to work with us.

Collaboration. We foster a culture of respect and teamwork. Every person has something unique and special to contribute, and our products and services are the best example of what happens when a team takes pleasure in working together.

Excellence. We take pride in our work. We aim to present industry best results, from communications to materials, knowing our clients deserve the very best.


Our People

Pat Lindley

Pat Lindley

Owner / Founder

Patrick knows how to make anything look good! With over 15 years of photography and video experience, Patrick sees angles that others miss, sets up shots to bring out their best features, and creates unique spins on every photo he takes.

He’s the Big Boss Man with the Big Boss Plan.


James Deen

James Deen

Copywriter / Sales & Marketing

James loves people, paragraphs and property! As Sales coordinator, he loves building relationships with new clients; as copywriter, he puts a fresh slant on scripts and listings; as social media guy, he gets to show off all our clients’ exciting properties.

Dad jokes optional.

Clare Lindley

Clare Lindley

Finance and Operations

Clare keeps everything going like clockwork!
She oversees all aspects of Patorama from marketing to delivery and sales. She loves all things digital, minimal and organised. As the self-appointed Chief of Snacks, Clare also ensures our staff are happy and well fed.

Who runs the world (Patorama)? Clare!

Nick Ashmore

Nick Ashmore


Nick’s sharp eye for detail and passion for bringing out the best in every property makes him an ideal photographer for any property. Nothing ever rattles his steady mind and hand, unless he’s running late for rugby, in which case you would do best to get out of his way.

Connecting People and Property for Half a Decade