Why we do what we do

Hi, we are Pat and Clare. Together we are Patorama. Through our love of all things digital, Patorama was born. The name came from one of our favourite forms of photography, landscape and panoramaic photography. 

At Patorama we are a digital, photography, film making and freelancer company based in Canberra, Australia.  

We are always exploring new angles, compositions, and techniques to make sure we create the best product for you. Our work is more than just capturing a moment in time, it’s about finding a unique angle in life that no one has seen before.  We work closely with you to make sure we find the best outcome for you and your clients.

Our motto is patience and persistence. We find the challenge of solving a problem to be very exciting (and equally rewarding). A problem is just an answer that has not been discovered yet. We like working through this problem with all parties to find the best solution. Life should be about questioning everything in order to improve on what was there before.

We are creative, fast, adaptive, and are industry leaders in our fields.

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Pat Lindley

Pat Lindley


Patrick knows how to make anything look good. with over 15 years of photography experience, Patrick can see angels that most others miss. Creating a unique spin on any photo he takes. 

Clare Sutherland

Clare Sutherland

Marketing Extraordinaire

Clare is our Marketing extraordinaire. She know everything social and she is not afraid to look at digital marketing in a new way to help get the best results for your marketing stratergy.