Floor Plans

Floor Plans Made for you

Patorama custom floor plans are a great way to show the layout of your property. Click below to book a time with us today.

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How It Works?

Patorama takes the stress away from getting your floor plan right. From small apartment to large multi story homes. We take care of it all in three simple steps.  

Step One

Make a booking through our online form above. We will call and confirm the time with you. 

Step Two

We show up to the property at your booked time. After we spend anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours getting all the measurements we need. 


Step Three

We will send you a PDF of your completed floor plan with 24 hours. 

Do you need your plan to be 3D?

Patorama as different floor plans to suit any budget just select the one you want when making the booking.

Need the plan supplied in a different way?

Easy done. When making the booking just list your requirements below in our notes section. We will give you a call to discuss further. 

“We have been using Patorama floor plans for 6 months now and it has made the entire process of floor plan creating much easier for us. No need to stress they get it down perfect and on time, every time. “

George S

Raywhite Canberra & Yass.