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Have you got what it takes to work with us

At Patorama we pride ourselves in the work we do, and as such we make sure the clients we work with up hold similar values to us. Here is our values and what we are looking for in our clients. If this sounds like you then apply now.


We are looking for someone who has goals and has a clear direction in where they are going. If you don’t have goals or NOT willing to work with us to set some. Then don’t waste your time or mine.


Getting an audience is the only way your business is going to grow. This can be achieved through many different mediums. If you don’t already have the audience in mind you should be prepared to build one with us.


Passion is the fuel that drives your business to success. Lets use that passion to help you grow your audience. If you don’t have a drive or passion to move your business forward, then I am sorry it’s going to make working together harder.


To create amazing products it is going to take some cash. You don’t have to break the bank to work with us. But We don’t create cheap solutions either. You will need to treat this as an investment and if we work together you will gain a positive return.


No one likes to see a meltdown. So make sure you have your team of supporters beside you. Its going to make your life a lot easier to work with us through the many tasks we will set for you.


If we work together we will need 100% of your attention when we communicate about your project. I am not afraid to fire you in minutes if I fill you aren’t committed to working together. If you are not frightened by that then we may just work great together.