How video can help your property to be seen when your sell your home

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In this article, we are going to discuss how the power of video can give your property the edge over your competitors when selling your home.

These days the market is flooded with houses for sale and the method used to sell a house is the same – feature photo, property description, photo gallery, floor plan (maybe) and that’s it. This is a pretty standard layout for selling a property. We need new ways to help break through and get your house seen amongst the numerous listings. One way to do this is a video walkthrough showcasing not only the feature of the home but the lifestyle in which this home is best suited for.

Busting the Myth

Now, you might be thinking that that video is too far outside of your price range.
Well… I can tell you that is untrue. Depending on what kind of video you want it could start from a couple of hundred dollars and go up from there. Make sure to check out our Videography Packages for further information.  And, if you need photos, we can help with that as well – check out our Photography Packages! We have a package to suit any budget and property.

The best way to decide what package your home requires is to think about the price/value of your property, take about 2% of that figure to allow for marketing, and then from there a further 7% for photography/videography. For example, if your house value was $500,000 and you took 2% of that, you would have $10,000 to spend on marketing, and then take a further 7% of that $10,000 marketing budget – you are left is $700 for photography and videography.

What if I am time poor, and want my house to be sold quickly?
Video productions are not as hard as you might think as I mentioned above. The simplest way to get video content is to use the photos you have and create a quick slideshow. If you are looking for something a little bit more tailored to your home I would recommend featuring action shots of your home. This requires filming rooms to show off the lifestyle and the homely feel of your property. Video productions like this can be done in as little as 2 hours for on-location shooting and under a week for post-production and final delivery.

So, let’s talk about how to get this done. The simplest solutions are to just hire someone to come in and take care of all of this for you. But let’s talk about how to make sure you are getting value for money.

1. Video Quality

HD video starts at a pixel range of 1920x1080px for a standard HD picture. But if you are looking to make your video stand out check the videography has the capability to shoot in 4k video resolution. This will allow the colours to really stand out and your property pop.

2. Use a Stabiliser

Adding a stabiliser to your video will make sure that it is super smooth footage. And, any sudden motions will be minimised/deleted.

3. Home Features

The videographer will capture as much content as possible when filming, but If you want to make sure you get the best value for your money don’t forget to mention 3 top features of your home. They may not be things that will sell the house, but they can be things that you are absolutely in love with and will miss once you move on. For example, you love the big kitchen in the home and how easy it is to get access to everything you need, or the shed is massive and can fit everything I ever need in there.

4. Add Voiceover

A voice over is a great way to bring life into the video. Having a person talk about the features of the home, can help to point out to the viewer other aspects they might not have noticed. If you are using an agent they should be able to help write and deliver the script.

5. Good Soundtrack

Having a soundtrack whilst the video is playing in the background helps build excitement and help bring home more about what the lifestyle of the property is like. Unfortunately, we can use songs within the top 30 or most songs from major artists because of copyright unless you ask permission from the studio (which can take a long time to acquire). The best way to get a good soundtrack is with royalty free music. There are many places online you pay a subscription fee to, to get access to a full suite of songs. You can also access a number of songs for free on youtube, and various other services.

In conclusion, video for your property is a great way to get more engagement with your listing. It will help you stand out above the rest of your competition and can add more value to your property by showing not only the space in which you could live, but the lifestyle in which you would live.

Here is an example of a video Patorama Studios did for Ray White Rural Canberra & Yass.