Nailing Your Headshot

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I’m going to give you a few basic tips for getting a great headshot. Look at the camera and not off to the side or above it. Keep your chin up, tilt your head down some but not too much. Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

The most attractive pose is a genuine smile with your head slightly tilted to one side.

When you are posing for your headshot, a genuine smile is the most attractive pose. Why? Because it comes from confidence and not happiness.

When you practice smiling in front of the mirror, don’t just smile because you are happy—smile because you are confident! I know this sounds a little confusing but let me explain: You’re only supposed to smile if you feel like it’s an authentic expression of who you truly are and what makes sense for your personality. So, if someone thinks they need to be happy all day long because they want others to like them or want people to think they’re cool, then it’s probably not going to work out very well at all (unless maybe we’re talking about some kind of super positive cheerleader type who gets up every morning feeling like she could conquer the world).

To sum up: If someone tells me that their life is perfect in every way possible then I’m going assume that person has never had any problems with depression or anxiety before…and therefore wouldn’t really know how hard life can get sometimes! Don’t worry though; I still love them very much 🙂

Move in closer and make sure that you are not taking up too much on the frame.

Move in closer to the camera.

One of the most common errors we see is people trying to take up too much space on their headshots. You want to fill the frame with your face, but not so much that you’re taking up more than 50% of it. If you are moving closer to the camera, then make sure that you are not taking up too much space on the frame and that your nose is not touching or getting close to touching any part of it (like an eye).

Don’t over-smile. Practice in front of the mirror.

When you’re posing for a headshot, it’s easy to overdo the smile. But there are several ways to go about this that will get you into trouble. Here are some quick tips for getting your mouth right:
• Don’t smile with your mouth closed, or with your teeth showing. This could result in an unflattering photo of crooked or protruding teeth and gums—and trust us, no one wants that!
• Don’t blow out your cheeks while smiling either (it might feel natural at first). It can make you look like you’re wearing braces or inflated cheeks may give off the impression of puffy eyes if used incorrectly.
• If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry! Practice makes perfect—in front of a mirror if possible—so take some time to figure out how best to smile before taking photos so you won’t have any regrets later on when they come back from being printed!

Remember to blink, breathe and smile.
Remember to blink, breathe, and smile. It’s important to be natural and authentic in your photo—practice in front of the mirror until you feel comfortable with your poses. Before taking a final photo, be sure to:
• Breathe out when smiling so that your cheeks are raised; this helps create the appearance of light around the eyes.
• Blink before looking at the camera so that it looks like you were actually looking at something in particular rather than just staring ahead blankly (which doesn’t look natural).
• Move in closer as needed for more flattering angles or facial features. If nothing else, remember that photos are usually taken at arm’s length distance from subject’s face (unless they don’t want it too close!).

Finally, there’s no need over-smiling or being too excited about each pose since most headshot photographers prefer a more subtle approach here – try not being afraid of showing emotion but avoid getting overly dramatic either!

Relax your hands and arms by your side or crossed on chest with one leg crossed over the other at the ankles.

Your hands and arms should be relaxed by your side or crossed on your chest with one leg crossed over the other at the ankles.

Your eyes should be looking directly into the camera, but not staring into it. You want to give off a pleasant, welcoming expression that is neither too serious nor too playful (think “goofy”).

Facing well-lit windows can create a natural glow to your face without using any flash or lighting equipment.

If you’re struggling to come up with a pose, there is one tried and true method that works for almost everyone. Try facing the window so that the light hits your face. Natural light is a huge help for making your image look great because it softens and highlights areas of skin without being too harsh on them.

If you’re facing into direct sunlight, you have another option: use reflectors to bounce some of that light back towards your face! Reflectors can be purchased anywhere from Amazon to local art stores. They do not need any kind of electricity or batteries; all they require is an assistant who knows how to use them properly (which means just about anyone).

The important thing about using this method is making sure that every part of your body isn’t in full shade – if one side of your face is lit up but the other side isn’t quite as illuminated as it should be, then keep adjusting until both sides look even-toned before taking pictures!

Tips for Outdoor Shoots
If you are outside, find shade like under a tree or alongside a building. You don’t want sunlight directly hitting your face making you squint or causing shadows under eyes, nose, chin etc.

If you are having your picture taken at in your office, get someone to take it for you. If you don’t have anyone to do that, then ask a friend to visit or use a stand with a remote shutter release. Take some shots inside your house and select the one where you feel most comfortable with yourself and the surroundings.