How we get the job done

Our Process

We offer a wide range of services here at Patorama but we always take you through the same process to get job done. 


All services within Patorama start with you enquiring about one of our services. This can be done through email, phone or the online application form. 

Intro Meeting & Scope Development

Once we get your enquiry we will meet to discuss the project in more depth. We will map out the project and help get the full scope of work that needs to take place.

Timeline, Brief & Quote

From that meeting will will have a clear understanding of timeframes and get the specifics we need to put together a formal quote for you. From here, discussions take place about what will be included in the scope of work based on prices outlined in the quote, and the proposal is developed.


Once you are happy and the quote has beens signed off it is up to us now to produce the work for you. As there are many services we offer at Patorama each of these will have their own set of steps required to complete the project.  These steps will be explained in the formal proposal.  


Once you have signed off on the final work you will be sent an invoice for the outstanding amount and the work is now yours. You are to review the work and if there is any last min changes or errors that where missed in the review stage, we will fix and amend these changes, which are all part of our 30 day cooling off period to make sure you are satisfied. We will follow up with you on how we did and ask for a testimonial as well.