Photo Awards

The 2020 Patorama Real Estate Photography Awards 

Every year, we at Patorama get to visit the most extraordinary properties, traveling all around Australia to meet people, hear their stories and see the love and passion that they put into their little slice of the Australian dream.

We believe in the power of a good story accompanied by stunning visuals! This is why we started the Patorama Real Estate Photography Competition, to honour and recognise phenomenal properties, their owners and the incredible stories behind them that have blown us away and truly inspired our creativity.

Our Categories are as follows:

House of the Year

House of the Year is awarded to the house that from looks amazing throughout, from top to bottom. This would be a home that you could spend the day in as a creative and never get bored of photographing it.

Most Epic Shot of the Year

This shot is the one that just knocks our socks off, an overall image that is just jawdropping.

Drone Shot of the Year

Drone shot of the year is all about the best view of sky.

Quirkiest House Shot of the Year

This is awarded to the house that has some really far out and quirky characteristics. Whether it be unusual furniture or a left-of-center design aesthetic, this award recognises how people really have a unique way of living.

Interior Shot of the Year

This shot Is all about a property’s striking interiors. Whether it’s been professionally stylied or the owners did it themselves, this photo reflects how a property’s interiors stack up and exhibit the “Wow!” factor.

Twilight Photo of the Year

This is awarded to the home that just had the most stunning sunset, with little to editing done to bring about the perfect twilight shot.


2020 Winners

House of the Year

10 Ledger St – see listing
Raywhite Goulburn

Located in the new development of Goulburn, this is an incredible property that will no doubt be a beautiful home for many years to come. The outside of this home doesn’t immediately catch the eye, but its interiors are definitely a showstopper! Enter the property and you’ll walk down an eight-meter long hallway that then opens up to a huge cathedral roof in the main living and kitchen area. What made this shoot even more special was the fact it was Christmas time. The tree and the socks hanging on the fireplace really made it feel special!

Epic Shot of the Year

City of Queanbeyan
Ian McNamee and Partners

Canberra real estate agents Ian McNamee collaborated with Patorama for a portfolio of Queanbeyan’s iconic landmarks. We felt this shot just jumped off the screen–a clear winner for Epic Shot of the Year.

Drone Photo of the Year

The Barberosa – see listing
Raywhite Yass

Not a single bad angle on this property! With more than 300 acres of prime grazing property in jugiong, the Barberosa did not disappoint. We love the way the afternoon sun just hit the mountainside, and how those or how those gorgeous green hills just seemed to roll on forever. This was a shot that had to make it into this year’s winners.


Quickest House

88 Bradley St – see listing
Raywhite Goulburn

This house truly has character! Its funky red door is the first thing you’ll see as you walk in off the street. The lovely brick walls then beckon you in, and every room soon thereafter will charm you with its unique personality and style. We certainly felt the love and joy, and overall, this was a really fun house to shoot.

Interior Shot of the year

This home has the most amazing architecture, but every phenomenally built house deserves some  spectacular furniture to match. This marvelous property delivered and in spades: we did not need to move one little thing in this house to make this shot perfect. Unfortunately, our images never made it to market, as the property was eventually awarded to another agent, but we think this gallery is truly something to be beheld.

Twilight Shot of the Year

The Grounds – see listing
Independent Property Development

The newly completed Grounds located in the heart of Braddon in Canberra is the result of a creative collaboration of three architects. The end result is a property that exudes truly inspiring modern living. From the building layout to the black colour-bond panelling on the wall the development was a show stopper. A special mention must to get the agent on this one as she spent a good 3 hours walking up and town every townhouse and every apartment to turn on all lights within the complex. We thank her because with it we don’t think the shot would have worked as well.