Our Solutions

We are Patorama, a Canberra real estate photography service, and we are all about getting results. If you’re looking for high class property marketing in Canberra, our suite of services is exactly what you’re looking for.

Drive clients’ behaviour with exceptional real estate marketing services, including property photography and videography, drone services, 2D & 3D floor plans, virtual tours, virtual staging and retouching services and social media marketing.

Our work is strategically designed to engage your buyers longer and more effectively. We take them through an inspiring journey that stirs their emotions to make a confident decision on their next investment.

Ready to see how that works?


Stunning Canberra real estate photography that fits your marketing needs & showcases the unique qualities of each property.

Property Video

Take prospective homeowners on an inspiring property journey that highlights the features of the property & its location.


Capture your property from any angle with our drone services that deliver incredible views of any home from new heights. 

2D Floor Plans

Set expectations with quality two-dimensional floor plans that give prospective homeowners clear & functional layouts of your property.


3D Floor Plans

Set the stage for prospective homeowners who need a visual! Our three-dimensional floor plans encourage creativity & help buyers come to that crucial decision!


Virtual Tours

Virtual tours provide prospective buyers with an immersive virtual experience that they can enjoy without leaving their own home.

Social Media / Marketing

Whether you need ad copy to for your listings or are looking for ways to maximise social media, our marketing services have you covered.


 Sometimes you need a little more to help get the listing looking just right. Our retouching services run the range from decluttering and grass greening to day to night conversions.

Virtual Staging

If you have a blank canvas and need the buyer to have a better idea of how the property can function or look, virtual staging can help bring any listing to life.

Staff Headshots

Communicate true professionalism and confidence with staff photos! These are a great way to get consistent and professional headshots to promote your team.

3D Visualisation

3D visualisation is a powerful way to bring any development to life. Our team of 3D artists can create both 3D renders and videos to showcase your upcoming real estate projects.