Getting that perspective

It used to be hard to get the amazing aerial shots and see the property from new heights. But with the advancement of technology, drone imagery is available to everyone. Patorama, being the tech geeks we are, have been following the trends of this technology since the beginning. We know what looks good and what buyers are looking for. Get a better view of any property and help buyers get their bearings to help show the properties proximity to parks, schools, shopping centres and other local landmarks. We offer both drone video and photo services. 

Bring new prespective

Drones are a create way to capture elements of a property that simple can’t be seen from the ground. Be that an over view of the property, showing the land that is avaialibe from a far or simply just getting a location shot that humans may not be able to get by walking.

Getting your location right

Buyer sometimes stuggle with direction. By using a drone you can actully show where the listing is located in relations to local soundings like shops and schools.

Bring your WOW factor

Bring that extra wow factor into your listing by showing of amzing views from the sky

Looking for more?


Stunning photography that is fit your marketing needs. Showcasing any interior design that helps bring any property to life.

2D Floor Plans

Help paint a practical picture with our 2D floor plans that give the buyer everything needed to see all functional layout of any property.


Property Video

Bring photos to life and take any prospective buyer on a journey through the home. On the way highlighting features of the property and even the local surroundings as well.