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Stunning Canberra real estate videos

When planned and executed properly, real estate videography is a proven tool in grabbing the attention of prospective buyers and piqueing their interest in your property. Whether you’re selling a brand-new city property, a cozy home that’s been in the family for generations, or a rural property with acres of gorgeous Australian farmland, a skilfully created video will take your listing to the next level and set it up to sell.

We at Patorama specialise in creating thoughtfully executed videos that showcase the best features of every property. Real estate agents, private sellers and builders will appreciate our attention to detail and property care–we take the time to get it right, and we are passionate about getting it right, every time.

From virtual walk-throughs to video showcases, our 30- to 90-second videos are designed to cast a vision of the property, giving viewers a clear understanding of the property’s layout and features. Our expertise in drone videography and photography adds great value to the video, offering angles and views beyond what most buyers expect. Accompanied by suitable music, transitions and effects that are classy, not trashy, the end result is a video that inevitably brings more eyeballs to the property and captures the right market.

Deliver better engagement!

Real estate video marketing trumps traditional photos through a more dynamic visual experience. Videos make properties more engaging and offers prospective buyers areas and views that can help convince them that this is the perfect property for them.

Grab attention!

Videos not only keep buyers on your listing longer; they engage the user with content that one simply can’t provide with text and pictures. Videos drive an emotional response that can help a property resonate with its prospective buyers.

Generate high quality leads!

Having leads is great–having actually interested leads is even better! Videos attract the buyers you want and often spur them to contact you earlier than the average buyer.


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Property Video

Bring photos to life and take any prospective buyer on a journey through the home. On the way highlighting features of the property and even the local surroundings as well.


Get your property captured from any angle with our drone services that help capture homes from new heights.