Why do homes need staging?

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I have a lot of clients who are interested in selling their homes, but they’re unsure if they should be staged or left empty. I always tell them that the best option is to stage their home. Here’s why:

Empty homes are blank canvases, while staged homes inspire creativity.
An empty home is a great reflection of what’s on the inside. In your empty home, there are no pictures or decorations to give you an idea of who lives in that space. It gives a negative impression because it doesn’t show off its true potential.

A staged home tells more about the owner of the home than an empty one does. Decorations in a staged home show how much time and effort has been put into creating this space for its inhabitants.


Empty homes show space that can be used; staged homes show uses for the space.  
A staged home is a home that has been fully furnished and set up with all the accoutrements you might need to live in the home. A staged space shows you how you could use your space, whether it’s a kitchen or a bedroom. Staged spaces are usually more visually appealing than an empty room. They give you an idea of how much room there is, whether there’s enough light coming through windows and what kind of furniture would look good in each of those rooms.

In addition to giving us ideas about how we could live in a particular house or apartment (or whether or not we would even want to), staging also makes it easier for us as photographers because we can take pictures without having to worry about getting things just right—the owner has already done this!

I prefer a staged home.
When you look at an empty home, you see nothing but the walls, floor and ceiling. You don’t get a sense of how it all comes together and how the space could be used. With a staged home, there are beautiful objects strategically placed around to give you an idea of what life in this house would be like.

Staging a home is also fun! It’s like playing with your own dollhouse. And being in charge means that I can make my own creative decisions about where things go and what they look like; if I want to put blueberries on those pancakes instead of syrup—I’ll do it!

In short, the empty home looks stale and is harder to sell. A staged home will show better in person, and the seller will get more money.