Drone Services

Offering informative aerial perspectives and uniquely captivating views.

Drone photography is the key to providing prospective homebuyers with a comprehensive and informative view of a property’s surroundings, including the neighbourhood, neighbouring homes, landmarks, and natural features like rivers and bushland. We are experts in real estate photography Canberra, and real estate video Canberra.

Our expert drone operators capture shots from various angles and captivating views. Additionally, drone video clips add an extra layer of appeal to real estate videos, often serving as captivating intros or outros. 

Our team consists of CASA accredited  drone pilots who possess both photography and videography skills and are up-to date with the latest drone technology and information. They are more than willing to provide expert guidance on the most effective ways to showcase your property from above. Enhance your marketing content with exceptional aerial imagery and videography.


Our Work

Drone photo of Academy of Science and Telstra Tower, Canberra

Gaining a New Outlook

Drones offer a captivating and innovative approach to capturing elements of a property that are simply unseen from ground level. Whether you require a comprehensive property overview, a captivating portrayal of the available land from a distance, or that priceless shot showcasing the enviable location, we have the expertise and equipment to fulfill your needs seamlessly. Allow us to provide you with a fresh perspective that will truly set your property apart.

Guiding You in the Right Direction

Even with the aid of GPS software, buyers may occasionally encounter difficulties in orienting themselves. Fortunately, drones offer a unique solution by providing users with a visual depiction of a listing’s location in relation to significant local points of interest, such as shops, schools, and parks. This invaluable perspective ensures that potential buyers have a clear understanding of the property’s surroundings, enabling them to make informed decisions with confidence.

Photo of Kitchen, Red Hill
Lounge Room, Phillip ACT

Trusted Experts at Your Service

At Patorama, your safety and the security of your assets are our top priorities. Our team comprises fully qualified professionals, each a licensed operator with a wealth of invaluable experience. Rest assured that our dedicated experts are equipped to meet all your drone-related needs with precision and expertise. Additionally, we guarantee next-business-day delivery, ensuring a swift and efficient service to exceed your expectations.