Residential Photography

Capturing stunning visuals that showcase the unique charm of each property.

Ultimately, the purpose of residential photography is simple: to sell houses.

At Patorama, we’ve built a foundation focused on delivering consistently excellent quality that packs a visual punch and is produced efficiently. Every single one of our products undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process, ensuring exceptional standards and industry-leading delivery times. With quality and consistency handled expertly, our customers receive personalised service from professionals who are fully invested in their success. We are experts in real estate photography Canberra, and real estate video Canberra.

No matter the size of your business, we guarantee swift delivery of top-notch, professionally edited photos. Inspired by the pages of interior design magazines, our unique photography style employs a storytelling method to enhance angles, natural light, and to showcase the true essence of a home.

Trust our real estate photography experts to craft a stunning portfolio of your property that enhances its unique qualities and inspires that “wow” factor among potential buyers. Whether it’s for your print or digital marketing campaign, our standout photos command attention.

Our Work


Display & Residential Homes

Display homes play a pivotal role in enabling potential buyers to envision their future lives within a fully constructed and finished property. We skillfully tap into the realm of emotions, meticulously weaving a compelling narrative throughout the space. Our approach seamlessly showcases the home’s most remarkable areas while ensuring a harmonious alignment with the essence and portfolio of your brand.

Increased Marketability

The utilisation of professional real estate photography can significantly enhance a property’s marketability by skillfully accentuating its most appealing features, thereby enabling it to stand out amongst its competition and captivate potential buyers. Consequently, this advantageous approach expedites the sales process while concurrently increasing the potential for achieving a more favourable selling price.

Photo of Kitchen, Red Hill
Lounge Room, Phillip ACT

Holiday Homes & Rentals

Recognising the paramount significance of high-quality images and videos for holiday homes and rentals, we specialise in delivering exceptional visual content. Our superior visuals serve as powerful marketing tools, enticing potential guests to confidently choose your vacation properties for their memorable getaway experiences.