Five Questions That Will Take Your Real Estate Photos from Good to Great

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Real Estate Photography Tips | 0 comments

The saying goes, “You eat with your eyes first.” In real estate, photos sell the property. As a listing agent, it’s always worth investing time in having great photos taken of your listings. But what makes a photo great? How do you get the perfect shot every time? Let’s explore five ways to take your listing photos from good to great.

1. Is it styled to show off its best features?

Consider moving furniture around to get a better perspective on the space. Is the angle used in the photo the best angle for the room? Don’t be afraid to have things moved around to achieve the result you want–as the agent, you may have the final say on how a room should look, but photography as a collaborative process, works best when both agent and photographer are in agreement.

2. Have you showcased the important rooms?

Do you have flattering photos of the house’s best spaces? Is it the kitchen? Is it the backyard? Is it the master bathroom? If you’re unsure, ask yourself: which room is the showcase piece of this property? Noting this photo may, after front shots, most likely be what you’ll use for listing thumbnails and other channels, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got a great shot of that great room.

3. Is the space personalised?

Do the photos use attractive furniture and decor? To make sure the space is showcased in the most flattering light, add props that reflect the personality you want to present, like framed photos or art pieces that speak to potential buyers. Get creative with little knickknacks around the house, like flowers or candles—anything that makes it look more like just a model home. It will make viewers feel more connected to the property, which is key when they’re considering whether they want to work with you as a real estate agent!

4. Are you happy with the lighting in your photos?

Your property may have the typical natural light from windows and glass doors, as well as the light from bulbs in the room. Candles and even moonlight can evoke all kinds of emotions for twilight or not shoots. Your real estate photographer should know how to best utilise the lighting in the room.

5. Can you help showcase the neighbourhood?

Apart from photos that show how unique and different your listing is from others in the area, an under-utilised and extremely helpful photo topic is the local area. Photos of unique neighbourhood features and local landmarks can help set the mood for how nice it would be to live here!

Congratulations! You now know some valuable ways to take your photos from good to great. Remember: good real estate photos show the property–great real estate photos showcase the property. We hope you enjoyed and found these tips helpful. Have fun with your real estate listings and remember, practice makes perfect!