Why professional photos matter in real estate listings 

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Real Estate Photography Tips | 0 comments

Before the days of the internet, a buyer’s only way to get a first impression of a property was to drive in and inspect its condition. Today, things have changed. I mean, with life becoming busier by day, people interested in buying or renting a property are turning to their laptops and smartphones when searching for real estate listings. Since there are thousands if not millions of listings on the internet, they will quickly move on to the next property if what they see doesn’t appeal to them. In other words, if your competitor has better photos than yours, it is almost certain that an interested will choose their property. Besides that, here are a few reasons why you need professional photos for your real estate marketing efforts.

Homebuyers heavily rely on photos to make purchase decisions

According to the national association of realtors, 95% of home buyers use the internet when searching for a property to buy. While another 44% use the internet even before letting anyone else know that they are looking for a property. When these potential buyers visit your site, they are looking for photos of your property to see how it looks before they can commit to visiting the property in person. If the photos you have on offer are sloppy and poorly, chances are potential customers will just slide off to the next available listing.

They make you more competitive 

According to research, using professional photos on your real estate listings will increase click-through rates by 139%. This implies that they draw in more potential customers when compared to stand and shoot photos. If more people are interested in what you have an offer, it will dramatically increase the chances of converting prospects to paying customers.

More sales 

According to the wall street journal, properties sell more if the listing is accompanied by well-shot photos of the properties. Perhaps, this can be attributed to the fact that professional photos are taken with top-notch equipment which ensures that every detail is captured as it is. By so doing, potential buyers have the chance to inspect the property in a better way. This means that you might have a good property but potential buyers will ignore the photos on your site are low quality and badly shot.

 Professional photos make a difference in selling price and listing duration.

 According to a study conducted and published by Redfin, real estate listings with professionally photographed photos command $11,200 more per sale compared to those with armature photographs. Moreover, the study also found that these properties were likely to get a buyer 6 months earlier than properties with amateur photos. Therefore, if you want your house to sell faster, you should hire a professional photographer to do the staging and take the photos. By so doing, you will be differentiating your brand from competitors and this means more sales and more revenue.

By complementing your real estate listings with professionally shot photos, you will be potential customers the chance to interact with you property on an intimate level. This will appeal to them and even influence their purchase or renting decision.